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"Nipsey" Fine Art Print

"Nipsey" Fine Art Print

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This print is an original oil painting called "Nipsey" by Shaw Made It. The print is made on fine art matte paper with a subtle watercolor texture that adds depth and dimension to the painting. The paper has a weight of 200gsm and a low-gl available in multiple sizes, allowing customers to choose the size that best fits their needs and preferences. Whether you want a small print for a desk or a larger one for a wall, there is a size option for everyone.

The watercolor texture adds a unique and interesting texture to the print, making it stand out from other prints. The print is perfect for those who appreciate fine art and want to add a touch of elegance to their home or office.

Overall, this print is a great addition to any art collection. The combination of the original oil painting and the fine art matte paper with a subtle watercolor texture make it a unique and beautiful piece that is sure to impress.

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